Krystyna Houser, founder of The Good LFE wellness brand, and Dr. Ali Rezaie, medical doctor and professor at Cedar Sinai Hospital who specializes in microbiome research join as guests on this episode of Reset, Renew, Revive.

Krystyna suffered from a mysterious gut condition that caused brain fog, bloating and rashes. It took two years before a doctor diagnosed it correctly as SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

SIBO is a dislocation of your colon bacteria that have crept back into your small bowel. So when you eat food that goes into the small bowel, instead of digesting and absorbing it, some of it is absorbed by overgrown bacteria in the small bowel, which produces a lot of side products including gas, brain fog and bloating.

The microbiome that exists in the large and small bowels is very complex. Often the answer to SIBO and IBS is a restrictive diet, but that can severely limit someone in their social or professional life. It’s ultimately not sustainable.

She met up with Dr. Rezaie in LA who uses a holistic and integrative approach to health.  Dr. Rezaie specializes in the treatment of SIBO and IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. He prescribed herbal antibiotics and an elemental diet. She tweaked that diet until she came up with a very effective plan and published a cookbook with all her tasty recipes.

If you are someone that suffers with gut issues, this is the episode for you.


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