Low Fermentation Eating (LFE) Recipes

Pulled from our cookbook, The Good LFE Cookbook, as well as straight from Krystyna's kitchen, these delicious recipes are all designed to be SIBO and IBS friendly and follow the Low Fermentation Eating diet.  Developed with top gastroenterologists and nutritionists, these flavorful and easy to execute recipes will bring back the joy of eating for anyone contending with gut imbalances. 
baked cinnamon twists gut friendly dessert

Henry's Baked Cinnamon Twists

This sweet treat is made with leftover pizza dough and has been a long-time family favorite.
pistachio baklava rolls sibo ibs friendly desserts

Pistachio Baklava Rolls

Crispy and sweet, these make a great afternoon tea treat or after dinner treat with coffee or tea.
dairy-free desserts for sibo and ibs whoopie pies with coconut cream

Whoopie Pies with Coconut Cream

Whoopie pies are a New England favorite. This unconventional version substitutes coconut whipped cream for the traditional marshmallow fluff or buttercream.
low fermentation eating approved chili recipe

Low Fermentation Eating Approved Chili

Full of flavor and easy on the gut, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next game day party.
game day recipes potato skins for sibo ibs gi issues

Loaded Potato Skins

A SIBO-friendly version of the classic game day staple.
gut friendly game day foods chicken wings recipe

Chicken Wings

You don't have to sacrifice flavor to stay gut-friendly. These SIBO friendly chicken wings are sure to be a hit at your next game day party.
caramelized onion dip

Caramelized Onion Dip

This is a dairy-free rendition of the classic onion dip. Take it to a party and no one will ever know it's dairy-free.
LFE Approved Brunch Cocktails

LFE Approved Brunch Cocktails

A Low Fermentation Eating approved update to three classic cocktails, gut-friendly, and perfect for your next get-together.
ginger tea moscow mule recipe for sibo ibs

Ginger Tea Moscow Mule

A stronger brew of our ginger tea adds the traditional flavor for a Low Fermentation Eating approved update to the classic fizzy cocktail. 
sibo ibs safe cocktail recipes screwdriver

Good LFE Screwdriver

A modern take on the classic cocktail, we swapped tangerine and lime juice for the more traditional orange to create the perfect tangy libation.
simple paloma recipe ibs and sibo safe drink recipes

Simple Paloma

Simple ingredients and easy to make, this cocktail is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. 
The Gut-Healthy Glow of Zucchini

The Gut-Healthy Glow of Zucchini

Packed with nutrition, versatile, and easy to digest, zucchini holds a special placein our hearts and on our plates.
gut friendly pizza recipe

Zucchini & Lemon Zest Flatbread

Here’s a light springtime appetizer or a lunch with grilled vegetables. Make sure to slice your zucchini as thinly as possible so you don’t end up with a soggy crust.
thai zucchini salad for sibo ibs

Thai Zucchini Salad with Peanut Sauce

This is a mix between pad Thai and a salad. Use all zucchini noodles or half-zucchini and half-rice noodles, whichever you prefer.
balsamic chicken for gut health

Balsamic Chicken

This chicken recipe is great to make for dinner and then use the leftovers the next day for lunch in a salad or sandwich.
berry lime granita recipe

Berry Lime Granita

When summer berries are ripe and juicy, this bright and refreshing frozen dessert is a real sweet treat.
vegan coconut ice cream recipe

Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

Easy to prepare, delicious, and there is no need for an ice cream maker. Can be enjoyed by almost anyone with any dietary issues.
Savor the Flavors of Summer: An Ode to the Tomato

Savor the Flavors of Summer: An Ode to the Tomato

You say tomato, we say anti-inflammatory, hydrating, cancer-fighting, and a delicious SIBO-friendly powerhouse.
gut friendly zucchini muffin recipe

Zucchini Muffins

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen. A versatile recipe that can also be made in an 8x4" loaf pan.
sibo ibs friendly cocktail recipes

Strawberry Cucumber Refresher

Summer sunsets call for a refreshing cocktail. The cucumber balances the sweetness and the strawberries and lime bring the tangy fruit goodness.
sibo ibs safe salad recipes

Tomato Basil Panzanella

This popular Tuscan salad made of tomatoes and crunchy bread is a summer delight. The fresh flavors and textures are simply wonderful.
sibo ibs friendly salad recipe

Heirloom Tomato & Arugula Salad

This is an ode to the last of the season’s tomatoes. A perfect summer dish bursting with flavors and nutrients.
sibo ibs friendly brunch frittata recipe

Roasted Tomato & Chard Frittata

There’s a garden of goodness in this one-pan breakfast dish. Each serving delivers a healthy dose of vegetables and flavor, satisfying enough for any meal of the day.
sibo ibs friendly simple summertime tomato sauce

Simple Summertime Tomato Sauce

During the dog days of summer, take advantage of the abundance of ripe tomatoes and make several quarts of tomato sauce to keep in the freezer. 
gut friendly recipe for chocolate sauce

Chocolate Sauce

A dessert topping staple. No one will believe this took you under 5 minutes to whip up.
ginger turmeric tea for digestion

Ginger or Turmeric Tea for Digestion

Ginger tea can be a soothing tea throughout the day, it is warming and good for digestion. Turmeric is good for inflammation. You can make these teas separately or combine...
Lemongrass Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lemongrass Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These are great served with carrot jicama slaw or pickled carrots. Can be served family-style with toppings and lettuce in little bowls so everyone can assemble their own wraps.
SIBO Friendly Summer BBQ Recipes

SIBO Friendly Summer BBQ Recipes

Gut-friendly and flavorful favorites that are sure to please the entire crowd at your  next backyard summer celebration.
sibo ibs friendly recipe turkey burger

Turkey Burger with Special Sauce

These burgers have some hidden vegetables to balance your meat intake and increase your vegetable servings.
zucchini and red onion lfe approved recipes

Sautéed Zucchini with Red Onions & Lime

Zucchini has a mild flavor and most people think it demands layers of flavors, but in actuality, it can sing on its own with the addition of just a few...
low fermentation eating approved potato salad

Green Bean Potato Salad

A lighter version of potato salad and great for summer picnics.
Mint Julep Cocktails - 3 Ways

Mint Julep Cocktails - 3 Ways

Whether you're celebrating the Kentucky Derby or just looking for a refreshing drink that won't upset your digestion, these Mint Julep recipes are sure to hit the spot.
Gut Friendly Cinco de Mayo Menu

Gut Friendly Cinco de Mayo Menu

A festive menu of LFE approved options for your next Cinco de Mayo celebration - free of ingredients that trigger IBS & SIBO symptoms.
Fish Tacos with Creamy Lime Sauce

Fish Tacos with Creamy Lime Sauce

These can be made a couple of different ways. With some good corn tortillas, diced tomatoes and avocado, you have a healthy, kid-friendly dinner.
Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

This is summer in a bowl. Pair with a variety of dishes or it’s also completely acceptable to eat it out of the bowl with crispy tortilla chips or a...
Low Fermentation Eating Approved Guacamole

Low Fermentation Eating Approved Guacamole

Simplicity at its finest. It’s delicious with crispy tortilla chips, or spread ona warm corn tortilla and topped with an over-easy egg for breakfast.
Baked Tortilla Chips

Baked Tortilla Chips

You might be skeptical of baked chips, but these are just as good as fried chips and use much less oil. They’re healthier and your kitchen stays tidy.
LFE approved easter brunch recipes for sibo ibs

LFE Approved Brunch Recipes

From savory egg dishes to sweet treats, there are plenty of options that will please your taste buds and help you stay symptom-free at your next brunch.
prosciutto wrapped melon recipe

Prosciutto with Melon

When cantaloupe is in season and ripe, this is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to enjoy it.
Rosemary & Olive Oil Lamb Chops

Rosemary & Olive Oil Lamb Chops

Lemony sumac balances the gaminess of the lamb. Great with salsa verde or herb salad, these can be a quick weeknight dinner or dinner party fare.
grapefruit mint Caipiroska recipe gut friendly cocktail

Grapefruit Mint Caipiroska

Based on a popular Brazilian cocktail, but made with vodka, the caipiroska has a lighter and more straightforward flavor profile.
protein pancakes with blueberry compote gut friendly recipe

Protein Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Somewhere between a pancake and a crêpe, these thin vanilla-scented treats are a crowd pleaser.
deviled eggs with everything spice sibo friendly recipe

Deviled Eggs with Everything Spice

A brunch favorite, we keep them simple with a little touch of Everything Spice on top.
SIBO IBS Friendly Weeknight Meals

Chicken Kebabs

This colorful easy weeknight dinner can be prepped in advance and seasoned in different ways depending on what marinade you use.
spike spicy hot cocoa recipe

Spiked Spicy Hot Cocoa

Warm up as the weather cools with this spiked spicy cocoa recipe. Chai-infused vodka adds a spicy twist to this classic cold-weather staple.
Raspberry Mint Julep

Raspberry Mint Julep

Add a fruity twist to the classic Mint Julep with this raspberry-infused recipe. The perfect balance of sweet and tart.
Skinny Mint Julep

Skinny Mint Julep

With sparkling water and less sugar you can indulge in the refreshing taste of a Mint Julep without any of the guilt or digestive discomfort.
Classic Mint Julep

Classic Mint Julep

This refreshing and flavorful cocktail is easy to make and won't leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable.
Plate of Grilled Chicken Wings

Gut Friendly Game Day Foods

Five gut-friendly recipes for your next game day party that the entire crowd will love.
low fermentation eating approved dessert chewy meringue

Chewy Meringues & Lemon Curd | as featured in goop

Using ghee, as opposed to traditional recipes that use butter, makes this deconstructed twist on the classic custard pie lighter and more fresh tasting.
Good LFE Coookbook for SIBO, IBS and Gut Health

Discover Hundreds of LFE Friendly Recipes

Packed with delicious, fresh and easy-to-execute recipes, our cookbook opens up a new world of eating options for anyone contending with SIBO, IBS or other gut health issues. Every recipe follows Low Fermentation Eating and is designed to maintain your microbiome balance and bring back the joy of eating.