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Plate of Grilled Chicken Wings

Gut Friendly Game Day Foods

Five gut-friendly recipes for your next game day party that the entire crowd will love.
LFE Approved Brunch Cocktails

LFE Approved Brunch Cocktails

A Low Fermentation Eating approved update to three classic cocktails, gut-friendly, and perfect for your next get-together.
Chewy Meringues & Lemon Curd | as featured in goop

Chewy Meringues & Lemon Curd | as featured in goop

Using ghee, as opposed to traditional recipes that use butter, makes this deconstructed twist on the classic custard pie lighter and more fresh tasting.
Low Fermentation Mac & Cheese | as featured in goop

Low Fermentation Mac & Cheese | as featured in goop

This is a lovely mac and cheese to make and serve right out of the pot and topped with extra-crispy crumbs. 
LFE Cashew Sour Cream | as featured in goop

LFE Cashew Sour Cream | as featured in goop

As featured in Goop, here's a rich, tangy, and tasty replacement for the typical dairy-based sour cream.
A Stress-Free, SIBO Friendly Holiday

A Stress-Free, SIBO Friendly Holiday

To help alleviate the stress of the holiday cooking season, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favorite holiday friendly LFE approved recipes.
bone broth for sibo and healthy gut

SIBO Safe Bone Broth

This flavorful and SIBO friendly bone broth has so many uses: as a base for a soup, a liquid for rice or just on its own.
flourless chocolate torte for gut health

Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Torte

This decadent flourless chocolate torte is perfect for sweet cravings and even incorporates homemade raspberry jam.
SIBO IBS friendly cocktail recipes

SIBO Friendly Summer Cocktails

Summer is the season where routines take a holiday and relaxation rules. Enjoy three SIBO friendly cocktail recipes from The Good LFE Cookbook.
SIBO and IBS friendly blueberry crumble recipe

Blueberry Rhubarb Crumble

This sweet treat is SIBO friendly of course and is one of our favorite desserts.  Lovely topped with whipped coconut or cashew cream.
SIBO IBS friendly watermelon salad recipe

Watermelon Salad

This bright and refreshing watermelon salad is SIBO safe and gluten free.  Simple to make a great as a starter or dessert.
insalata tricolore salad SIBO safe recipe

Insalata Tricolore with Lemon Citronette

This classic Italian salad that gets its name from the three colors of the Italian flag and can be prepared as a SIBO safe meal or side.